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Therapeutic Massage

a personalized massage that incorporates therapeutic and relaxing techniques including Swedish massage, stretching, trigger point therapy and other modalities depending on your specific needs. Aromatic hot towels are incorporated into this massage, adding the benefits of heat to help melt away your aches and pains.    

1 hour $75, 90 minutes $105, 2 hours $135 

Deep Tissue Massage

 a therapeutic massage suggested for clients that prefer firm pressure.  A deep tissue massage concentrates on over-worked groups of muscles.  This massage also includes aromatic hot towels.

1 hour $75,  95 minutes $105, 2 hours $135 

Hot Stone Massage

hot stone therapy is thought to have first been used by Native Americans, who would heat stones on their campfire and use them to treat muscle injury. A relaxing treatment designed to ease and relieve tension in your body. Smooth basalt stones are heated and used in this massage.

90 minutes $115, 2 hours $145 

A note about time: Some massage therapists provide a 50 minute treatment for an “hour” massage. Many would profess that this is an “industry standard.” I have seen this in some large corporate massage chains. Please be assured that if you pay for a 60 minute massage with me that you will receive at least 60 minutes of massage time. Your massage time starts when I start massaging, not when you come in the door. For me, it is all about the way you want to be treated and frankly, I would feel cheated by a 50 minute “hour” massage.